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Winners of Award paper sessions at APAPU 2018

1. Saumen Mitra Award video session:
Single Stage Total Reconstruction of Female Exstrophy With Osteotomy and Paraurethralparavaginal Striated Muscle Reconstruction Around Neo-urethra
Sunil Kanoujia (Lucknow, India)

2. T Dorrairajan award paper session:
Role of serum and urinary ca-19-9 as biomarker in antenatally diagnosed Hydronephrosis
R A Wani (Chandigarh, India)

3. KK Varma award paper session:
A rapid frozen section technique for histological identification of normal ureter distal to ureteropelvic junction during pyeloplasty
R Babu (India)

4. Subhash Dalal award paper session:
Management of the Duplex-system Ureterocele
J Friend (Australia)

5. P Upadhayay award paper session:
Incontinent Epispadias: Technique of Innervation Preserving Reconstruction using Combined Transpubic and Scroto-perineal Approach
S N Kureel (Lucknow, India)

6. JJ Corkery award paper session:
Double trouble: Lessons learnt from a rare case of pelviureteric junction obstruction of both upper and lower moieties in a duplex kidney
Esther Chan (Singapore)

7. DK Mitra award paper session
Abdominal and scrotal phalloplasty-novel surgical techniques for penile reconstruction
S Davera (New Delhi, India)

8. DK Gupta award paper session:
Congenital Mid Ureteral Obstruction
Amit Nagpure (Mumbai, India)

9. AK Wakhlu award paper session:
Single System Ureteroceles with Abnormal Ipsilateral Renal Function in Boys: Clarifying the Prevalence and the Unusual Clinical Course
Pham ACQ (Australia)

10. KLN Rao award paper session:
Using a pelvic flap in Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty (RALP) – Revisiting the original Anderson-Hynes operation
V Samlad (India)

11. Subir Chatterjee award paper session:
Bajpai Single Port-Single Instrument- Lumboscopy Assisted Pyeloplasty (B.L.A.P.)- Furthering experience and following the initial cohort
P Goel (New Delhi, India)

12. Ravi Kumar award paper session:
Guide wire assisted radial dilatation of congenital urethral narrowings (Cobb’s collar): Is this safe, effective and adequate in the era of advanced paediatric endoscopic instrumentation?
Pham ACQ (Australia)